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You are launched is working with startups since 2016 and have plenty of stories and knowledge to share. As we are using The Lean Startup approach that is not much used by other service companies, it should be very helpful for any startup to go through learns from other startup’s mistakes and successes. Note: all start-up stories that could be found here are exclusively allowed to be published here by startup owners.

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Latest Startup Hints

The great point about you is that you have plenty of ideas on your mind to launch. We are sure that you heard a lot of scary stories about startup losses. And, you know, that’s true. More than 97% of all startups fail. That’s why we would like to present you a list of Startup Hints we are using in our daily work process. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us.

  • How to use AR and VR in eCommerce – 2022
    Let’s dig into Augmented reality & Virtual Reality. Let’s find out how a startup can use AR and VR in eCommerce in 2022?
  • Top 10 startup ideas to launch in 2022
    Are you considering launching a startup in 2022? We’ve put together ten innovative startup ideas that will inspire you to get started on your new business!
  • Cold email to an investor. How to write it?
    Getting potential investors to find out about your new startup can be a challenge. Investors might help you with this, and here are some tips how to reach them.

Latest Sneak Peeks

As a rule, all startup losses happens mainly because there is no demand on the market. Our experience and passion allowed us to launch 20 profitable startups in 3 years. Here, you are able to find here stories how to launch an idea just with WhatsApp group and rise up to $2m/year on sales, how the failed startup could find the force and relaunch idea, and much more.

  • Top 10 tips for hiring mobile app developers for your startup
    No matter the circumstances, it’s essential to work with the right team. The right developer (or team of developers) will understand your values, work with you to create a high-quality app, and get you to market in the shortest amount of time
  • What is Design Concept Award?
    We are sure that the future is after talented and skilful people. We are sure that only such team members would be able to make your startups great, smooth, and outstanding. That’s why we are ready to invest in all these. 
  • Techreviewer named Top Web Design Company 2021
    You are launched team is honoured to be named as Top Web Design Company 2021 worldwide on Techreviewer. Here is what they say about us

Latest Sources, Links and Docs

Here, you would be able to find a set of Documents that will make your life easier, a list of Services and Tools that can help you as with promotion, so with development and launch, and way more. We are sure, you would be able to find a helpful information for your big thing.

  • Top 10 platforms for startups in 2022
    Looking for the best startup tools to use in 2022? You’ve come to the right place. Join us as we look at some of the best eCommerce platforms and tech tools for startups you should be using in the year ahead.
  • Startup Resources to use after MVP Launch
    You can find different pricing, management models, and people you trust. But, what to do next? Feel free to use a list of startup resources:
  • Startup Costs. Expenses you need to consider
    In this article, we will take a look at how much money you need to start a small business and the areas you may need to invest in.
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