What is Design Concept Award?

Hi Startupper. Previously we were writing about the top 10 platforms and top 10 tools for startups, today, we would like to announce the start of the Design Concept Award.

But before, we’ve got a question for you. How can you be sure about your tech team experience or level? Do you prefer to shared works, or rely on a sales manager’s words? Or a list of tech articles in the blog? Sure, this is overcomplicated without tech skills or having your own CTO. 

We are sure that the future is after talented and skillful people. We are sure that only such team members would be able to make your startups great, smooth, and outstanding. That’s why we are ready to invest in all these. 

As a rule, all developers are getting more skills in their free time and on commercial projects. In addition to this, we are investing in the Sandbox ecosystem where our team members can work on complicated and non-trivial features and elements. As a result, they will get bonuses and for sure new skills. That’s the main idea behind Design Concept Award. But what points need to be a target point for this?

Top 6 features that need investing

Top 6 features that needs investing. What is Design Concept Award?

We are after getting more experience, working on complicated animations and complicated features in the app. Among such:

  1. Augmented Reality;
  2. Bluetooth Low Energy;
  3. Banking API;
  4. GeoLocation & MicroLocation;
  5. Audio & Video Chats;
  6. Complicated animations;

and much more.

Today, we are pleased to announce the start of the Design Concept Award. As you can probably guess, we are starting with Complicated Animations.

Some of you might think that we are wasting our own time with all this, as a majority of apps don’t have complicated and smooth designs. But, do you know why?

Top 3 reasons why a majority of apps have a basic design? 

Top 3 reasons why a majority of apps have a basic design? 
  1. They have devs who are not able to work on complicated UI parts;
  2. Basic cute animation takes a lot of time to implement;
  3. Some devs are trying to, but it doesn’t work.

So, as you see, it doesn’t mean that designers are not able to make cool stuff. It means that it is too complicated to implement. That’s the main myth we would like to vanish.

Why do I need great design & animations in the app?

Why do I need great design & animations in the app?

Actually, you don’t need great. The market is full of shitty products. Did you hear about Yo! app? There was no design at all. And such an app could raise $1.5m with a $10m valuation. But this works only with the Blue Ocean strategy, where there are no competitors. Otherwise, you need to work in detail with design, user experience, development, and marketing.

Did you hear about the Masterclass app? That’s probably the greatest sample of a cool design & content combination. There are plenty of “Classes” based apps. But they found their own Unique Selling Proposition. And sure, they needed great marketing to attract celebrities. That’s not so easy. That’s why they raised $461.4m in 8 rounds with a $2.75b valuation. 

So, getting back to our question, you might not need a great design or animation. But you would definitely need great developers on your team. And if the developer can make complicated stuff in let’s say 3 days, there is a reason to keep an eye on him.

So, Startup Owners and Red Tapers, let us introduce the Design Concept Award Competition and the winners. 

Design Concept Award Requirements

Design Concept Award Requirements
  • Developer search for a complicated design concept in the i-net;
  • Implement that design concept within 3 days;
  • Do not use any ready-made animating files (aka Gif) or open-source codes;
  • All code should be clean and without bugs;
  • The winners will be selected by the internal votes of all team members.

Yes, this is internal competition, but we would be pleased to see other companies’ competitions and awards. Hey buddies, tag us next time with your implementation of the most complicated usable design you might find.

We will be sharing winners on social media: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. So, subscribe to be one of the first to see what can be done within 3 days 😊

Wanna such cool stuff in your own app, reach us out?

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