You are launched. 2021 in Review on Clutch

You are launched as a full-service digital solutions provider that helps SMEs navigate the evolving development landscape. Our mission is to deliver top-notch, scalable solutions that highlight our partners’ unique strengths. Today, we’re proud to be the go-to, reliable vendor of software and mobile app solutions for many businesses in Ukraine

Our individual team members are highly skilled and filled with passion. Their commitment to the work we do allowed us to be recognized among the most reputable companies on Clutch!

You are launched year in review on clutch. rating

On that note, let’s take a quick recap to see the many achievements we’ve acquired within the past year. Here’s our 2021 Clutch Rewind:

As a service provider, it’s important to listen to the feedback that our customers leave. These reviews give us insight into the improvements that we need to make and how we can deliver a better partnership experience to our clients. With that said, we’re extremely honored to have collected a total of eight new reviews from our partners. This brings our overall rating to a perfect 5-star score on the B2B platform!

And while we already appreciate all feedback, whether positive or negative, we’re also proud to have acquired a 100% NPS out of eight new reviews!

Check out the latest verified review that we’ve received on our profile:

“You are launched gave me precisely what I wanted. I was very happy with their work.”

— Calin Alexandru, Founder, Tommy Vercetti Software

You are launched 2021 in review on clutch. feedback

One final thing  — this year, we were named as one of the top app developers on Visual Objects, a B2B listing resource that gives readers the information they need when partnering with service providers

We’re here to help you overcome any digital challenges. Talk to us today to get started!

You are launched 2021 year in review on clutch. willing to refer
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