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The great point about you is that you have plenty of ideas on your mind. We are sure that you heard a lot of scary stories about startup losses. And, you know, that’s true. More than 97% of all startups fail. This happens mainly because there is no demand on the market. That’s the main reason, why You are launched team, why we choose the Lean Startup approach and why this set of articles exist. Our experience and passion allowed us to launch 20 profitable startups in 3 years. That’s why we would like to share a list of tips for you.

Here, we would like to present to you our set of articles that goes through the Lean Startup prism – that we are using in our daily work process. You can find here points regarding startup launch, idea validation, MVPs, fund-raising, and way more. We are sure, you would be able to find a list of helpful information for your big thing. So, check our insights below.

Top 10+ tips for hiring mobile app developers for your startup mobile development top 10 tips

Top 10+ tips for hiring mobile app developers for your startup

No matter the circumstances, it’s essential to work with the right team. The right developer (or team of developers) will understand your values, work with you to create a high-quality app, and get you to market in the shortest amount of time

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