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Hi Startupper, previously we wrote about the idea of relaunching. But you probably want to get some insights from us. So, feel free to use a list of startup resources:

You can find different pricing, management models, and people you trust. But, what to do next? For sure, you would hear that you need a lot of effort in marketing, using SMM, and Ads. But this works only if you have a detailed strategy and enough effort. Also, a good option would be to purchase feedback if you have an iOS MVP app launched (or Android APP). Both of these are important.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of free directories that can help you with growing. Some of them are free, some of them ask for a commission, and some require particular tactics. We would highly suggest them even if you don’t have a mobile app ready yet. Even if you have just design ready, it would be an awesome source to generate traffic to your website and get early bird subscribers. This would give you the possibility to run a test and find the answers to: “Are users ready to pay for my idea?“, “Are they interested in it?”, “Who are my users?”, etc. So, feel free to use our Resources for Startup.

Company & Startup Listings. You are launched

Company & Startup Listings

Probably, you would have a gap in time while your team is working on Articles for guest posting. That’s a good time to get to some listings. Here is a major part of them. The list is sorted based on Alexa Rating:

👌 More Options To Be Listed 👌

🤔 If You Still Have a Will 🤔

💪Must Be Listed 💪

👍 Good To Be Listed 👍

Free SEO Resources. You are launched

Free SEO Resources

Any SEO specialist would say that you need Backlinks. The same you would see on any googled SEO tools. The hard way is to get mentioned on News Aggregators, Magazines, and NewsPapers. Here is the easy way to get backlinks. Probably you won’t get the targeting traffic you are looking for. But, this would help you with website indexing before your massive marketing is launched.

💪 Powerful SEO Tools to use 💪

👌Good To Be Here 👌

Promotion and Article Placement. urlaunched

Promotion and Article Placement

There are a couple of options for you can launch your marketing and get more users. Sure, if you have money/fuel you can order downloads and feedback for your app to rise on AppStore and Google Play. But if you have a web service and want to make people talk about you. You would need to place your articles on well-known resources. Here are some of them you would probably want to get to:

👌 Better to Start From Here 👌

💪 Aim to Get Here 💪

Campaign-based resources. urlaunched

Campaign-based Resources

The placement on these resources is free, but to get a real profit from them you would need to have a long-term plan for how to cover the masses.

Any startup is looking for an easy way to be launched. And the easiest option is VCs & Accelerators, as they are providing Fuel/Money.

How to use Lean Startup after MVP Launch? Top VCs based on The New York Times

Top VCs based on The New York Times

How to use Lean Startup after MVP Launch? Top Accelerators based on exits

Top Accelerators based on exits

Extra Startup resources you need to try

Some Extra Resources you Need to Try

And sure, if your hands are down and you don’t want to work on your startup anymore, you can go here and sell it:

If you have more startup resources to share or need a guide, feel free to reach out

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