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Hi Startup-er, in addition to the tools we’ve shared previously 200+ resources for Startups to Use, we would like to share our startup library. In it you are able to find the most valuable articles from Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Sequoia Capital, Mike Butcher, and some other players of the VC ecosystem. The library was created for entrepreneurs and startup founders as a set of useful templates, links, and tools. We are sure that your business would feel much better with it. What is more, it is free 🙂 and without any subscription.

Free startup library from Lean Startup Evangelists. Library for startups. Startup team


Select Co-Founders Guide, by Naval Ravikant

The Formula of Equity, from Buffer Inc.

Hire, Manage, and Fire Executives, by Marc Andreessen

The Formula of Salary, from Buffer Inc.

KISS: Debt and Equity Docs, from 500 Startups

NDA for Employee, [Template]

Starter pack


The Only Thing that Matters, by Marc Andreessen

How to Kickstarter, from Studio Neat

How to Get Startup Ideas, by Paul Graham

Create Great Products by Validating Your Idea First, by Hiten Shah

How to Start a Startup, by Paul Graham

Days are Long but The Decades are Short, by Sam Altman

Startup Playbook, by Sam Altman

Reconsider, from DHH

NeedGap – Find a problem to solve

Create Persona for your Product – Hubspot [Tool]

Stylish Questionnaire tool – Typeform [Tool]

Startup business model


How to Open Startups, [Resource]

16 Startup Metrics, by Jeff Jordan

Revenue Models of Web and Mobile apps, [Resource]

Competition is For Losers, Video by Peter Thiel

ROI Calculator, [Tool]

Growth Ceiling Calculator, [Tool]

Financial Plan for SaaS 2.0, from Christoph Janz @ Point Nine Capital

Profitable Freemium Startup, by Andrew Chen

How to build an MVP


MVP (Minimum viable product), Video by Eric Ries

Great Product doesn’t Need to be Good, by Paul Buchheit

We Don’t Sell Saddles Here, by Stewart Butterfield

How I Build My MVP, by Pieter Levels

Get Paying Customers in 7 Weeks, by Joel Gascoigne

Costs Running, [Resource]

startup fundrising


Fundraising Mistakes, by Sam Altman

Two-Page Term Sheet, [Template]

The Best Pitch Decks Collection, from Improve Presentation, Inc.

Raise Money, by Paul Graham

Business Plan. How to Write, from Sequoia Capital

Transparent Term Sheet, by Buffer, from Buffer Inc.

Library for startups. Marketing for startups


Slack’s Epic Launch Strategy or from 0 to $1B, by Stewart Butterfield

Best Metrics For Digital Marketing: Rock Your Own And Rent Strategies, by Avinash Kaushik

What to Use Instead of Press Release, by Mike Butcher

Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO Guide, by Rand Fishkin

Blogging Without Killing Yourself, by Tim Ferriss

Growth Model Of The Paid Acquisition, [Template]

If you have any other resources you would like to see in our start-up library, feel free to drop us a line

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