Pregnancy Yoga app launching with Lean Startup

or Pregnancy Yoga app Launch Story

Hi Startupper. Previously, we wrote about Weight Loss Startup launch, and VPN app relaunching. This time, we would like to open a door and show some insights into the Pregnancy Yoga app launching. So, here we go:

Early spring 2019


YogiBirth, an online pregnancy🤰yoga 🧘‍♀️ studio. It reduces the risk of postnatal and postpartum depression. It is created by a midwife. YogiBirth offers online to women and their partners:

– prenatal and postnatal yoga 🧘‍♂️;

– meditation;


– education classes.

💡 Idea

They are making offline Pregnancy Yoga classes for pregnant. For the last couple of years, it becomes, so popular that we are not able to handle this. Here is where digital can take place. And that was a moment when they reached us with a request to launch their own pregnancy yoga app. YogiBirth owners worked on PitchDeck and competitor reviews. Such work was quite a great leap forward. They helped us a lot with sorting out design, feature scope, and launching strategy.

Initial Requirement of the Pregnancy Yoga app

  • iOS & Android app
  • Tablet & iPad support
  • List of text/picture-based articles
  • List of meditation audios
  • Categories of the content based on Trimesters
  • List of Video yoga lessons
  • Social & email-based logins
  • In-app purchases
  • Search
  • Push Notifications
  • Favorite lists
  • Custom reminders
  • Subscription
  • Promo Codes

What not to do?

  • For sure, there is no reason for iPad & Tablet versions, as the main aim is to validate the idea.
  • Based on research, we sorted out that around 60% of all people in Australia are using iPhones. What is more, we asked to launch a quiz among all their targeting audience, and it was even more – 73%. So, that’s the best option to save funds on development – cut off the Android version for now.
  • Content lists are the main value in the app, based on this, it all should be kept.
  • We can cut Social login, as all users have emails.
  • The subscription model replaced In-app purchases.
  • Search, Favorites, & Categories, can be cut off, as we figured out that there will be not much content (up to 20 per each list).
  • Push Notifications. We didn’t see a reason for this feature, at the first stage. As the main aim is to find some answers to the next questions: “Is there a demand on the market?” and “Are users ready to pay for such type of content?” Once we get the answer, there is a reason for working on the Engagement part of the app.
  • Custom reminders, also related to “Nice to have” features, and also can be removed.
  • Subscription. This feature can be kept to test payable users.
  • Promo Codes. We don’t see a reason for such a feature for the MVP app stage. It can be added later, once there are users who are ready to pay.

After approving the changed scope of work, we moved forward with the pregnancy yoga app development.


YogiBirth wireframes. You are launched

and after all these were converted into:

  • Yogibirth onboarding
  • Yogibirth Login
  • Yogibirth Main
  • Yogibirth Details
  • Yogibirth Player
  • Yogibirth Article
  • Yogibirth Profile
  • Laura Myers. Yogibirth app about


Yes, this app found its Innovators with the help of SMM and references. But real income lies in the Early Majority, and that’s where the path they worked on. Check the app


Tom & Laura started to reach enterprises, to sell Gift cards. Yes, the pricing was not so big and it is not a recurring payment. But as it is a promotion, that’s vnot a big loss. The more people are using your app the more they are talking about it. And that was a key.

Updating the Pregnancy Yoga app

In the next year, after the first launch, we also launched iPad and Android support. What is more, this pregnancy yoga app becomes a feature on AppStore

Yogibirth is Featured on AppStore

More updates are coming…Go-go-go YogiBirth

YogiBirth, you are launched!

Want to know the key 🔑 to success in launching the Yoga app? Simply drop a line

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