How Lean Startup boomed Weight Loss Startup

or FoodFuels Launch Story

Hi Startupper. Previously, we wrote about Yoga app launching and VPN app relaunch. Today, we want to show one of the biggest startup achievements we could get so far – Weight Loss Startup with $2m/year on sales.

Prologue (2015 – 2017)

Sean & Aaron were working on the weight loss program. They were sharing PDF files with clients. And they were using Facebook and Whatsapp only for customer support. So, they used the Lean Startup methodology and were coaching their clients according to the program.

The idea worked out, once they saw that they can sell such support at around 50-100$/month. So, they decided to move forward and launch a weight loss startup with a website for their Startup. As they didn’t have enough funds, they selected the Indian company and launch a website with the Admin Panel on PHP.

FoodFuels had users even with such a design and solution. Their value where significant and they could cover market demand. Even so, they were receiving not-so-positive feedback. What is more, owners were spending around $5k/month on marketing to attract users to their weight loss startup.

You are launched time (2018-2020)

They reached us with a will to redesign the website and add mobile app support for their nutrition startup. Several certified coaches and around a hundred active users were in the system. As the system was quite big, we needed sorting out all features with a specification and wireframes:

User App app of Nutrition app

Food Fuels Wireframes. Weight loss startup

Coach App is part of the Weight Loss Startup

Food Fuels Wireframes. Nutrition Startup

The web part of the Weight Loss Startup

Food Fuels Web App Wireframes lean startup

Once we sorted this out, our designer dig into the design stage and fully rethink Landing Page with the logo.

 Once wireframes and the design concept of the weight loss startup were approved, we moved forward with

  • iOS platform with users & coaches;
  • Web platform (to replace old website);
  • Completely new server;


  • Basic Admin Panel for their weight loss startup.

As for the features, there were not much at the beginning:

  • Authorization flow with email;
  • Initial weight input;
  • Payments;

As for the payments, we could evade 30% of Apple’s commission on InApp Purchases. Want to know how? Reach us.

Reach Us

  • Pick a coach;
  • Schedule of Meals;
  • Recipes;
  • Shopping List in PDF format;
  • Chats;

and sure

  • Graph with weight Entries.

Alongside such updates, we worked on Coach Posters, to “sell better”.

Once all these were launched, we started to gather analytical data and feedback. Btw, feedback can be gathered with a help of Typeform. Typeform is an alternative version of Google Forms. Check the sample.

Analysis can be much easier with it. As the answers can be synchronized with Google SpreadSheets.

The stumbling block in all these were marketing efforts. Spending ~$5k/month where such expenses can be hardly covered is not a way to generate profit. So, with the help of brainstorms, FoodFuels changed its own Business Model. There was around $0/month spent on marketing with a +50 paid users turnover. Not a bad change for a nutrition app, don’t you think so?

They changed the business model to reference-based. Once the user finished down a weight loss plan, they can become coaches. Everything that is needed is to pass the examination and that’s it. Now, the user could gain profit from the platform that helped her/him to get into shape. The coaches will be sharing their own experiences. Also, they will be after attracting users to the platform. That’s the key! Viral & references!

What is more, we added Promo Codes to boost reference power.

 To keep the story short, we added:

  • Alternative Recipes;
  • News Feed;
  • Achievements;
  • Auto-Generated Shopping List;
  • Favorite Recipes;
  • Statistics with Perfect Days/water goal, etc;
  • Social Logins;
  • Auto-Generated Schedule of the Meals based on WakingUp time;
  • Freemium access;

and much more on the coaching side.

Alongside this, we launched Android app version support for both Users & Coaches.

More story updates will be added here later…

Check the Progress

download on the appstore
get it on google play
review the web version


Middle of 2020, FoodFuels has 52 coaches, and +2k of paid users with yearly sales of over $2m. Not a bad turnover, right? 🙂

Weight-loss startup story shows, that no design or code can boost your sales, and help you grow. The main is a solution, that can cover pain points. We would even say, there is no even difference in how you would deliver it. It could be:

– fancy-designed app;

– clumsy website;


– PDF files with WhatsApp chats.

The main is to find your Product/Market Fit and never give up.

FoodFuels, you are launched!

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