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Hi Startuppers, previously we wrote about such cool cases as the Yoga app launching and the Weight Loss app launching. Today, we want to highlight the custom app development process for the healthcare industry. Careviz app experience.

Early 2018. Mikael & Gilles reached us to help them with idea validation and a custom MVP app development. They were not sure about the team. In terms of the partners’ search, they used and shortlisted around 50 companies. As our team reacted quickly and provided them with an approximate estimate in just 2 days (and answered in 4 hours!). The main point was in the estimate. We proposed to cut off a lot of features in terms of the Custom MVP app development. So, we would be able to save effort and launch the app faster. Once they selected to work with You are launched they booked a flight and visited our team in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Startup Idea

Initially, Healthcare startup founders wanted to develop their own custom app that will connect cancer-based patients with people who care. In terms of business model, they wanted to connect 2 groups of users:

The first one includes hospital patients, home patients, and patients’ families.

The second one includes hospitals, doctors, caregivers, healthcare providers, and the government.

Sounds cool but is very difficult to achieve. The main problem here is that targeting audience targeting so big variety of audiences is nearly impossible.

Chicken & Egg Problem for Healthcare Startups

The main issue for this custom app for the healthcare industry is the “Chicken and egg” problem. So, the app has 2 types of users: patients (or customers), and caregivers/doctors (or sellers). Let’s imagine that we added volunteers who support our patients. Such users still would be qualified as sellers. As they are selling our product – keeping users engaged. So, what would be if we would attract a lot of patients but there will be few sellers? And what would be if we attract a lot of doctors and a few patients? Probably, you’ve got the point. There will be no luck. The same would be with any type of seller/buyer platform. By the way, you can check popular tactics used by big startups here.

So, let’s get back to our issue. Our Custom App for the Healthcare Industry needs to control a lot of user types and keep an eye on their engagement. In such a case, we would say it is would work best, if we have 5 caregivers on a full-time paid basis. Let’s imagine, they can engage users, chat with them, discuss in comments posts, etc. This will greatly help us to boost our custom mobile app. What is more, we are dealing with low-motivated users. So, it would be very hard to detect the reason for leaving the platform.

  • Careviz in Ukraine 1
  • Careviz in Ukraine 2
  • Careviz in Ukraine 3
  • Careviz in Ukraine 4
  • Careviz in Ukraine 5
  • Careviz in Ukraine 6
  • Careviz in Ukraine 7

Startup Fundraising in Europe

Careviz applied to a list of grants with its own Pitch Deck. Check it out. Such an approach, allowed them to get 50k Euro (~59`000 USD at that time) from European Union Funding Program. What’s more, they could raise some more funds from Paul Hamlyn Foundation. That’s an awesome start. Now, they can dig into the custom MVP app development.

Lean Startup Work Scope

Initially, Mika & Gilles were quite updated with Lean Startup, and a lot of stuff they already cut off. Such as:

  • Android version;
  • Tablet support;
  • 2d type of users, like hospitals, doctors; and some other more minor points.

At first, they wanted to combine the app with the next features:

  • Social features, like “Feed”, “Comments”, and “Chats”;
  • Health tracking and sharing the mental status with own doctor;
  • Send doctors PDF files with their own Symptom Report;
  • Admin Panel;

and sure,

  • Shopping cart to monetize the app.

But there is always a place to cut and we found some points. 😀

So, we proposed to cut more from the custom MVP app version for the Healthcare industry some more stuff:

  • Shopping Cart as a feature, and replace it with just List of Items Screen and Item Details Screen.

So, we proposed to keep just the possibility to input all points from the server side. It is better to keep just pictures, texts, reviews, and feedback. But once a user clicks on “Add to Cart” or “Leave a Review” we would show “Coming soon”. Such a Lean Startup approach allows for saving a lot of funds on the implementation of:

– payment methods;

– refunds;

– delivery management

and much more.

But the main point is not to save money on the development, the main point is to sort out what users will use for engagement. Once, we would have users who are after the main feature – social, there is a reason for the work on the monetization model.

  • Admin Panel;

We can replace it with Amazon’s DynamoDB interface. Yes, it is not user-friendly but it is better to learn how to use it rather than pay an extra bill. It is much more reasonable to direct efforts into marketing, even if it is just a couple of Ks.

  • Sending Doctors Symptoms Report with PDF;

Let’s repeat the same approach here. So, we can replace this feature with a native email sender with just a pre-filled body of the email. So, we are saving money on generating PDF files.

Once all these were sorted out, we dug into the work:

Healthcare Startup Wireframes

Careviz - Lean Startup healthcare app development case.

Design of the custom mobile app for the healthcare industry

  • Careviz app design 1
  • Careviz app design 2
  • Careviz app design 3
  • Careviz app design 4
  • Careviz app design 5
  • Careviz app design 6
  • Careviz app design 7

And the result can find here While we were working on development, Mika & Gilles get to Millennials Minorca and had a couple of media posts, and prepared the video for the launch.

Once the app was published, the first thing they did was created questionnaires on SurveyMonkey and shared them with their audience.


Careviz is an awesome sample of how you can raise funds with a single Pitch Deck. Yes, you need to make Market Research. Yes, you need to search for Product/Market Fit and a plan for the next couple of years. And, don’t forget that you need to know your target audience well to deliver them value. With all these, even money is not an issue.

Careviz, you are launched!

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