Why these Graphic Design Apps Are a Must for Professionals?

In the graphic design industry, there are a lot of new tools and technology that can simplify tasks for professionals. Today, you can find many different platforms or software that designers use to create visual elements. When it comes to designing graphics for branding or various mediums, you can consider a range of apps or tools for animations, static visuals, or illustrations. Now, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right ones that are easily accessible as well. 

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You need to look for apps that have multiple features for editing, designing, and transforming visuals. Whether you are working on a project for a client or creating your portfolio, it’s important to use tools that match your skills. This way, you can save time and deliver quality work within a deadline. Let’s take a look at some of these graphic design apps and why they are a must for professionals. 


This is a great application for designing raster-based graphics. It allows users to design, paint or edit art and illustrations professionally. The tool can be downloaded on any iOS device and has a reasonable pricing plan as well. It’s one of the reasons why this graphic design app is a must for professionals. Beginners with limited technical skills can easily navigate through the interface too. You can find a range of brushes to create visuals for your website or social media platforms. 

Procreate also has a feature for designing 3D paintings. For professionals, it works very well as they can import any PDF file to make changes or edit it according to their requirements. The app also supports animations and movements that can be added to static images. 


When it comes to creating vector graphics, you need to look for apps or tools that can simplify the design process. Assembly is an application that has been designed for professionals who want more flexibility in their work. You can work on graphics anywhere and edit them with its studio tools in a short time. For now, professionals can only download the app on their iPhones or iPads. Assembly has a range of options for colors, typography, and shapes. 

You can easily customize your design and maintain the quality of the visual elements for printing as well. The app is user-friendly and can be used by experienced professionals and those who are just starting in their careers. 

Free Logo Creator 

The responsive platform can adapt to different devices quickly. It is an AI-powered tool that allows professionals to customize designs or look through the logo website for inspiration. You can also create a custom logo for an eCommerce platform or a blog. This a must-have tool for professionals as it allows them to create unique and versatile branding elements. You can find a relevant category and choose a template that can represent a business or brand closely. 

Free Logo Creator has multiple tools that professionals can use to change the background, color palette, or font styles within minutes. Users can also preview the design of branding materials before downloading the files. 


This graphic design app is becoming widely popular among professionals across the globe. Figma is a collaborative platform that allows people to brainstorm ideas and work on any project together. It can be used to create an impressive user interface and engage different types of audiences instantly. Now, this may be slightly more expensive than a few other options on this list. The app can support multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux as well. It has extensive design tools that make it easier for professionals to edit images or create 3D designs. The application helps users edit dynamic visuals, create GIFs, add colors or gradients, and fix shapes in seconds. 

This is a powerful software that helps users customize or add text in visuals quickly. You can design prototypes and use the whiteboard to add notes that can be shared with the whole team. 


Graphic designers need to pick the right fonts for digital and print branding. FontShop is a great app that allows professionals to see how each style looks and change it according to the guidelines or brief. You can also search for specific fonts and browse through different categories to find relevant ones. The tool is designed for efficiency and higher productivity as it can help you choose a typeface that works for the client or your website as well. 

You can use FontShop on your mobile devices to browse through styles for various mediums. The graphic design app allows users to maintain brand consistency in visual elements without compromising on quality. 


Sometimes, professionals may just need a simple app to make a few quick changes to images before posting them on websites or social media platforms. Repix is an easy-to-navigate tool that makes it easier for users to crop images or add filters. The app can work with Android smartphones and iOS as well. It is designed for beginners and experienced professionals. 

The app has a range of tools for editing and transforming images. You can work with multiple ones at the same time and create visuals that engage viewers immediately. 

To Sum Up 

These graphic design apps are a must for professionals. If you are looking for tools that are affordable and require less time and skills, then you can consider a few options mentioned above. The apps are user-friendly and can work with different devices as well. You can edit, sketch or design on your iPad or smartphone anywhere. Adobe Photoshop is one of the apps that you should have from the beginning. It allows you to work smoothly and send deliverables within a given time as well. 

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