4 Ways You Can Put CRM Automation Software to Good Use

Hi Startuppers. Previously we wrote about how to crash-test your startup. Today, we would like to highlight some points regarding the sales process.

Today, we would like to shift from Startup Life Cycle tips to CRM tips. Customer relationship management tools are designed to help get more done while also ensuring that no important task is left undone. That’s good news for anyone who is involved in the processes of sales or customer relations. In fact, there are several tools in CRM automation software that make it easy to set up tasks and ensure they’re done even if they slip your mind. Here are some examples to consider. 

Automation #1. Preparing Mailings to Customers and Prospects

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You may have specific mailings that go out after you’ve had some type of voice or email contact with a customer or a prospect. The nice thing is that you can set up these mailings to go out within a specified period after the contract is made. This serves as another way of keeping the company’s name in front of the customer or prospect and providing assurance that the contact does matter. 

You may use templates for those contacts, allowing the software to customize them with names and other basics. You may also schedule them with alerts that provide you with the opportunity to make additional changes on a one-time basis. Either way, the automation makes it easier to remain in touch with those contacts. 

Automation #2. Making Product Announcements 

A new product will be released soon and you want to get the word out. That’s possible by having the software set up to send an announcement to your contacts on a given date. Once the parameters are set, you won’t need to do anything else; the software will make sure the announcement goes out on time. 

Compare this to older processes that would require you to touch each announcement before it could be sent out. What once took hours to prepare can now be done in minutes. Think of the amount of time you save. Think of avoiding the risk of transposing something on one or more of the announcements. 

You might need to have a Pitch Deck ready for this. So, don’t forget to review our Guide on how to Prepare a Pitch Deck for Investors.

Automation #3. Managing Social Media Posts

Ways You Can Put CRM Automation Software to Good Use

You may not be aware of it, but there is CRM automation software with the capability to launch posts on social media. Depending on what you prefer, a given post can be released simultaneously to multiple social media accounts, or you can stagger them so they are released over a specified period. 

Even if your company prefers to stick with a couple of social media sites, it’s easy enough to prepare posts with texts, links, and images in advance, they have them deployed regularly on those sites. In other words, you could create enough posts to get you through the next month, then deploy each one to your social media accounts every two days. What could be easier?

Automation #4. Making Automated Greetings for Special Occasions

There are times when quick emails, texts, and other forms of communication help to enhance a business relationship. It’s possible to use the software to send out birthday greetings, well wishes for holidays, or even congratulations on the births of children or recent weddings. These small touches are one more way to strengthen the rapport with clients and prospects.

There are several other ways you can put automation software for customer relationship management to good use. Explore the features that a given software package has to offer and see what you think. The right one could make a big difference for your company.

In case you would like to hear more details, feel free to get in touch.

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